How It’s Made

Made In The USA 

At North Iron Metals, we purchase our 5-ton coils directly from United States’ plants, and we use only American steel. We then ship those coils to the pre-coat facility where they receive a galvanized bottom coat. The top side then receives a coating of Beckry®Therm paint to improve temperature control in both hot and cold environments.

The reasons for choosing the BeckryTech-Cool system are quite clear when comparing samples on the Florida Test Fence. With Beckry, color retention is significantly better than with Siliconized Modified Polyesters (SMPs). BeckryTech System is an excellent overall system with great formability and superior adhesion. It performs the best in weathering tests, and it has good overall cost.

NIM G100 Corrugated and NIM G90 Snaploc Panels Outperforming the Competition Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Using North Iron Metal Roof & Wall Panels

  • Bare Metal: NIM G100 Panel uses only 28-gauge, .0157 – 80,000 PSI bare steel, and NIM G90 SnapLoc standing seam uses 24-Gauge, assuring you of the longest lasting panels available.
  • Galvanization: (2 layers) NIM G100 Ag Panel coated with 10 oz. of zinc protection (minimum). Compare with competitors’ G-60 and AZ50 products, translates into up to 60% better corrosion resistance.
  • Zinc-Phosphate Pre-Treatment: This process preps the surface for painting while adding another layer of corrosion protection. The 1421 Henkel pre-treat allows our paint to adhere better than a lesser pre-treatment, or none at all. Some coil processors skip this step.
  • Sealer Coat: Seals the zinc pre-treatment in preparation for the HDPE paint system
  • Thicker Primer Coat: Preps the surface for consistent paint application and adds yet another layer of corrosion protection.
  • Backer Coat: Full off-white backer coat for a consistent appearance on building interiors
  • Top Coat: HDPE (Highly Durable Polyester)
    Superior formulation compared to
    SMP (Siliconized Modified Polyester).
    Best color retention on the polyester market today!

Becker Specialty - Spec Sheet
Becker Specialty ®BeckryTech Super Cool - Spec Sheet

HDPE Paint specifics. Energy Star® Rated

  • Superior UV Resistance: Compared to SMP. Extensive testing on South Florida test fence with impressive results.
  • Excellent Flexibility: Equates to better formability, whether bending trims or roll-forming panels, with less cracking or microfracturing.
  • Improved Hardness: Assuring a panel that is more resistant to scratching, marring, and abrasion when handling.