For a business, a roof is an important part of the investment in a building, and for many reasons, metal roofs represent a great investment.

  • A metal roof requires little maintenance. Concerns that you might have with other roofs will not be concerns with a metal roof. You won’t have to worry about resealing the roof or replacing shingles. Once the roof is installed, it can give you 50 years of service with almost no maintenance.
  • A metal roof stands up very well to high winds and snow. Here in Pennsylvania, we’re not really a high wind area, but it only takes one storm to destroy a roof. Because metal roofs are attached with a mechanical system, they can withstand strong winds, and snow slides off easily. To prevent that snow from sliding where people go, snow and ice guards are available.
  • Metal roofs are energy efficient. When they’re insulated well and coated with reflective paint, metal roofs can save as much as 30% on energy costs.
  • They’re quiet. One obvious concern is that rain falling on a metal roof will be deafeningly loud, but proper insulation keeps that noise out of the building.