Rib / Corrugated Panel

Our 36-inch wide, tuff rib, exposed fastener, currogated rib panel system is a great and economical choice for agricultural, residential, and commercial purposes. The ribs feature a built-in water siphon channel that carries away even the heaviest rains. Rib panels come in many colors and can match the color of style of every home or commercial building. Note the paint system specs below, all of our North Iron Metal panel systems have a true galvanized primer on both the top and also the bottom sides of all panels. Better yet, the galvanized primer base is securely bonded to our all American Manufactured clean metal - no imported non-American metals are used. Imported metals usually have an oil film that needs to be removed prior to painting which can hinder the paint's bonding.

North Iron Metal Rib PanelNorth Iron Metal Rib Panel
Paint System For Rib Panel & Standing Seam PanelPaint System For Rib Panel & Standing Seam Panel