Standing or Vertical Seam Panel

Standing SeamStanding Seam

Standing Seam Panel is a type of roofing that has panels that run vertically up the length of the roof. Standing Seam Panel also has seams that connect one panel to another. Their installation differs from traditional roofs as it allows them to create a snug and solid covering which is able to move under thermal expansion.

High quality standing seam roofs are extremely durable and hard-wearing. One major issue for some of the more traditional styles of roofing is that gaps in tiles or flush seams can lead to leakages. With standing seam roofing the panels slot together snugly, and the raised seam helps to provide excellent protection against the elements.

15-1/8" panel width rib to rib and 1-1/4 rib height15-1/8" panel width rib to rib and 1-1/4 rib height

Aside from practical benefits, standing seam roofing is also popular because of how visually appealing it is. The outer sheets of the seams are available in a huge selection of colors and shapes, and seamless roofing is available in a large choice of materials, so you can be sure to find something that fits in with both your tastes and your budget. Architectural components like tapers as well as roof penetration features, such as skylights and access hatches, can also be easily incorporated into the roof design.

Used by NIM for on-site fabrication of panels.Used by NIM for on-site fabrication of panels.