Important Facts

Here are some facts that will show important benefits of metal roofs:

  • One concern that many home and commercial building owners have is the noise made by rain hitting a metal roof. This is an understandable concern, and it’s a completely unnecessary one because a metal roof expertly installed over solid sheathing (whether wood planks / boards or plywood) will be as quiet as an asphalt shingle roof. Rain on the roof will always produce some noise, but the sound of rain hitting a metal roof is no louder than the sound of rain hitting a shingle roof.
  • A metal roof will not increase the likelihood of your home getting struck by lightning.
  • If lightning does strike your home, a metal roof will more quickly dissipate the electric charge even if it is not grounded.
  • Many insurance companies will reward you with a hefty discount in the neighborhood of 30% on your homeowners insurance if your home is protected by a qualified metal roof.
  • A metal roof will shed snow, thus helping prevent a heavy snow accumulation and ice dams on your roof.
  • A standing seam metal roof can easily be integrated with PV solar panels should you decide to take your home’s energy-efficiency to the next level.

Your Bottom Line:

A metal roof offers better Return On Investment (in terms of home appreciation and maintaining a very high recouped value of your initial investment) than any other remodeling upgrade. This can be especially important if you care about maximizing your home’s value and curb appeal for many decades to come.

If you ever decide to sell your home, you are almost guaranteed to come out ahead, especially if you’ve lived in your home for a significant amount of time. During that time, you will enjoy solid protection, great looks, and significant energy savings. When you put all these factors together, it’s easy to see why a metal roof is the best choice in roofing for many home, business, and farm owners.